Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 1st Week

Sita School

In the first week of September, I had to leave to Chennai for a planned trip to vist my new born neice, Shreya. Hence, I missed the Monday session with the kids. But, we all met up on Friday. We did a short run on Friday and did our usual stretches and drills. After the workout on friday, all of us worked on the Calendars. We started printing the images and it took a long while as we finished the printing over the weekend. We had a lot of interaction with the children, trying to make the rather tedious activity fun and entertaining. Working on activities such as this is also an important aspect of building a relationship with the children as we work as peers.

One important happening this week was the passing away of Zona. Zona was a German Shepherd who was about 11 years old. He grew up in Sita School and was an integral part of the family. He was suffering from a disorder that made it impossible to take in food and he would keep vomiting it out. He was sufferring for quite long and became very ill. It was decided to put him down and Zona passed away on Friday morning. The kids and everyone in the school gathered around Zona's grave and offered flowers. They sang and prayed for him. A few kids also wept for Zona.


I was back from Chennai on Thursday morning and I reached Ananya in time for our run and math class. We did a run to the temple and back. After the run we had stretches and foot drills. In the following geometry class, we went over the answers from the previous worksheet. I also gave them a story about a math concept on binary system. Jane had given me a book on stories related to various concepts on Math. It really got their attention and made them think on the problem with a lot of interest and curiosity. The story was about a little girl who dupes a vain king by asking him for a grain of rice. But, she wants it to be doubled every day for a month. So, the no. of grains increase exponentially, but the king doesn't look through the trick.


We met the Prakriya kids after two weeks of their exams. They looked quite tired with the exams and wanted to play games. So, we decided to do a run with only the kids who were interested. We got only six kids who were interested in doing the run. Nevertheless, we did the run and I came back to play with the kids. I made it a point to join the girls this time. They always went on their own to play throw ball. Soon, a few boys also joined us. We had good fun playing throw ball.

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